4-15-2011 Video update from Flamingo, Florida in Everglades National Park

posted: Apr 15, 11:29 AM

John emerged from a few days of radio silence with this video update in the Everglades:

27-hour crossing from Flamingo to Marathon!

He left Flamingo at 10am on April 16th to make the 35 mile open water crossing to Marathon Key. He struggled against a heading wind and tide and had to deal with getting caught in grasses. By 5pm, he had only made 10 miles. He stopped rowing for a few minutes around 9 or 10pm — the moon was behind some clouds and it was completely dark. His hands were resting on the handles of his oars when something bit the paddle end of one oar with great force (hurting his hand). He doesn’t know what it was, but it did roughen the edges of his oar! He continued rowing while fighting a tidal current. At midnight the wind picked up and he finally reached Marathon Key at 1:00pm on April 17th. He had traveled for 27 hours without food or sleep!

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