Back on the water after much-needed rest, boat repairs, and a yellow card!

posted: Jun 24, 08:48 AM

On Tuesday, the Davis’s took John to Panama City to pick up replacement parts for his damaged oar and a new camp stove. While in Panama City, they also attended BP’s safety training for the Vessels of Opportunity program. John learned about the oil and how to spot it. He is now an official owner of a yellow card. A yellow card is necessary for anyone hired by BP in the Vessels of Opportunity program. The Davis’s also lent John some tools and helped him fix his boat. Thanks so much Jim and Yenny for all of your help!

John left on Wednesday around 12:30pm and rowed into the wind all day. He reached the industrial canal around 6pm and rowed until after dark. The canal is very narrow. He camped on a sand-bluff in the moonlight and could hear coyotes in the distance. He hasn’t seen any alligators yet, but hears they are around.

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