Battered by storms over the weekend

posted: Jun 21, 03:04 PM

A storm with 70mph winds caught John off-guard on Saturday afternoon (June 19th). He was pushed into a rocky leeward shore and the wind was so strong that one of the oars became wedged under the boat. The post that holds the oar to the boat snapped. He ended up having to stand in the water to hold the boat away from the shore for 45 minutes until he could make it to some sand.

Sunday John woke up worn out and feeling discouraged. He made his way to Legendary Marina where Phil Woodley lent him tools, replenished his water, helped him mix epoxy and let him take a shower. Phil’s generous help really lifted John’s spirits.

Last night John found a nice a spot in a little protected cove near a marsh. Storms were expected, so he got off the water early to set up camp and secure his boat. He called this morning to report that he’d already had his adventure for the day. In the middle of the night he was hit by another bad storm. His anchor didn’t hold and the boat washed up on the beach – fortunately he had picked a soft, sandy camping spot. His tent filled with water, sand and mosquitos, but he made it through. He planned to spend a few hours drying out this morning and should now be heading toward the intracoastal canal on the southeastern shore of Choctawatchee Bay.

* John plans to get a new anchor - the kind that Bill Kenner thoughtfully recommended to John before he left for the Gulf!

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