Boat repairs amidst rain, rain and more rain...

posted: Jul 8, 01:43 PM

July 1: Started rowing from Apalachicola in the morning before getting caught in a storm with lots of wind and rain. It circle around and he thought it was going to pass him, then it came back. He made it across the bay to a beach near the causeway bridge (on the western side of Eastpoint). He planned to try to make Carabelle in the morning before more storms arrived.

July 2: John’s friend Bo May came from Nashville and took him to lunch early in the day. John made it to Eastpoint, FL. A man named Noah gave him safe harbor from a storm and let him camp in his yard. There were horrible storms all night with incredible wind and rain.

July 3: John needed to make some repairs and upgrades to the boat. He had been rowing so much that one of the oar pivots was pulling out of its socket. Bo and his friend Patsy helped find a trailer and pulled John’s boat out of the water. They took John and the boat to Tallahassee to get some repair supplies and run errands. John stayed in a hotel in Tallahassee that night. Bo and John went over charts together — Bo has a great deal of knowledge about the area. Thanks so much Bo and Patsy!

July 4: Lashed down the hatch covers to help prevent them from coming off (if the boat capsizes). Bo put John back in the water at the mouth of Carrabelle River. It was raining at the time and it wouldn’t let up.

July 5: Hadn’t stopped raining since Bo dropped him off the day before. John was frustrated because he was rained in all day.

July 6: The day started with John still rained in at mouth of Carrabelle River. He decided to leave at 1pm even though it was still raining. The wind was pretty good and he had his sail reefed. He sailed for a couple of hours, the storm abated, he started to row, the wind came back and he sailed until 6pm, the wind died and he started rowing in full seas without protection of barrier islands — 4 foot waves. He made it to Alligator Point and first landed at a bird sanctuary. He had to move around to the inside of the peninsula and arrived at Alligator Point Yacht Basin. Alley and Raymond at the marina have been really nice to John. He has been frustrated with all of the rain. During his break in Talahassee/Carrabelle, John fixed the pivot on one side of the boat, now the other side is starting to pull out. He is going to see if he can make some repairs.

July 7: John called in the evening and sounded good, but his cell phone reception was very bad. He said that he was on the edge of his cell coverage area (sprint) and then the call dropped.

July 8: Still not sure where he is at the moment. Will update again when we hear from John!

Camera-phone images of wear and tear near the bow, fiberglass repairs to try to keep the oar pivot from pulling out, and rope to secure the hatch covers on deck:

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