Dauphin Island, AL - eventful day

posted: Jun 12, 09:51 PM

John had an eventful day. It was very hazy and he had to leave sight of land in order to make it to Dauphin Island, AL. He did have about seven or eight dolphin swimming along side him at one point. A tidal current took him a mile off course and out toward sea. He made it back to land against four foot surf.

He can smell oil in the air. Crews are out working with booms around the islands and helicopters were flying overhead all day. He heard people on his marine radio spotting small patches of oil. He hasn’t seen the oil yet and it doesn’t seem to be overwhelming at this point. The beach where he landed is dirty and dark, but he can’t tell if it is oil. He says it is really beautiful where he is — also very sad, given the circumstances.

This is his third night camping and his cook stove is broken. He has been eating cereal bars and hopes to be at a marina tomorrow night were he can eat a real meal.

Map note: the camping location on Dauphin Island has an approximate latitude -his voicemail message was cutting in and out as he read his coordinates.

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