John completes Phase 2 of the Great Loop Journey: Bayou Caddy, MS to Sarasota, FL

posted: Jul 30, 10:10 AM

John reached the Sarasota Sailing Squadron around 6pm on July 28th in the middle of a thunderstorm. Charlie Ball and Bill Broker helped welcome John and made sure he and his boat were safe and out of the water. Charlie took John out to eat and dropped him off at the airport on Thursday afternoon. John thanks Hugh Horton in Cedar Key for putting him in touch with Charlie and Bill at the Sailing Squadron.

John arrived in New Orleans late last night and then picked up his car and boat trailer at the Ingram facility in Reserve, LA. He is currently on the I-10 heading back to Sarasota to retrieve his boat. He will follow his route along the coast for the next two days and plans to stop and photograph from the land along the way.

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