John crosses into Florida after being saved from storm

posted: Jun 17, 09:49 AM

The day (June 16) started out hot and slow. John was rowing when thunderstorms started to form around noon. He was trying to decide what to do when he noticed a man on the shore waving him in. Lance Loper is from Mobile and has a summer home on the Intracoastal. Lance saw John rowing on the western end of the canal the day before and assumed correctly that he was not a local and would need help finding shelter. The storm was really strong with direct lighting and heavy rain. Lance helped John secure his boat and get indoors just before the storm hit. Thank you Lance!!

John had dinner at a place called Pirate’s Cove and then camped on the southeastern shore of Perdido Bay. Oil booms blocked the bayou to an official camping area, so he had to improvise. Crews were laying boom in this area too, but he was able to get through.

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