John reaches Horshoe Beach and Cedar Key

posted: Jul 14, 05:57 PM

July 12: John was ready to get back on the water after a day of rest. Some storms came ashore and backed themselves up overland creating a north wind that he used to sails down Steinhatchee River and out to sea against the incoming tide. It took him an hour and a half to reach open water. By that time, it was high tide and John was able to make a line to the southeast without having to go out of his way to avoid oyster shoals and other shallow water obstacles. The winds were strong most of the day and he sailed quickly. He stopped at Pepperfish Key and photographed birds on his way to Horseshoe Beach. John arrived at Horseshoe Beach around 5:30pm, anchored his boat at a city park and slept on a picnic table that night.

July 13: John got up before sunrise and sailed 24 miles with a southwest wind to Cedar Key. He saw a couple of manatee and some dolphins along the way. At one point, the boat drifted inland into some oyster shoals and he had to walk it out by raising the centerboard. When he got to Cedar Key the wind died and it took him two hours to cover the last two miles. He stayed at a hotel overnight and planned to do laundry, clean his boat and eat.

July 14: The sun really wore John down on Tuesday and there are storms in the forecast for the rest of this week. He is trying to make a plan to cross open water to Crystal River at some point soon. The sailboat marina in Cedar Key hasn’t been dredged, so there is no way out during low tide. He has decided to take a day to rest and explore the town. The caretaker of the sailboat marina has been really nice to John. However, his first general impression is that most people here aren’t very eager to welcome visitors. He plans to camp on a nearby island tomorrow night and will try to leave for Crystal River at dawn on Saturday. John also had to buy a new temporary cell phone today because his regular phone has not been working properly.

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