Kickstarter Update!

posted: Apr 12, 07:16 AM

With great gratitude, we are pleased announce that John’s Kickstarter campaign will be funded by the deadline on Friday!

A huge THANK YOU to all who have pledged support!

John is currently making progress along the southern coast of Florida. Today he is in Everglades City at the Rod and Gun Club. He will receive a replacement for his broken oarlock in the mail from John Harris of CLC Boats.

Soon John will be traveling along the wild and remote coastline of Everglades National Park. He says he is gaining confidence navigating amongst the myriad of islands along this stretch of the journey. He anticipates arriving in Key West in about a week and welcomes visitors!

Please tell your friends that there is still time to pledge support and become an official backer of John’s journey/exhibit. The deadline is Friday April 15 at 3:27PM CDT. A range of great rewards are available, including a personalized postcard from John when he reaches Key West, limited edition collector’s prints and more. Visit the Kickstarter page for more information!

For continued updates, please follow the news here on and/or become John’s fan on Facebook.

Thanks again for all of your support!!

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