Thankful to find new friends amidst storms and exhaustion

posted: Jun 22, 10:09 AM

John rowed himself into exhaustion yesterday. The heat is his primary problem, but the wind coming from the east is working against him as well. Yesterday he left camp and discovered that his centerboard was jammed and wouldn’t lower (due to the storm on Sunday night). He drifted two miles west while struggling to free the centerboard and then it took him three hours to get back to where he started.

He made about five miles before storms arrived in the afternoon. As whitecaps formed he waved to a man on shore for assistance. Jim and Yenny Davis not only helped John avoid the storm, but also invited him into their home. John stayed the night at the Davis’s home on the bay and today he will travel (via car) with Jim to Panama City. Jim has a boat and he is going to attend a training for BP’s Vessel of Opportunity program.

John woke up this morning feeling very weak, woozy and frustrated with his exhaustion. He hopes to be back on the water tomorrow morning. In the meantime, he is incredibly thankful for Jim and Yenny’s hospitality and happy to have this time to get to know them better.

A major tropical depression is coming and it has a 50/50 chance of hitting Panama City this weekend. Everyone is on pins and needles because it has the potential to push oil inland and onto shore.

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