John Guider’s journey through parts of the Tennessee Valley river system will be the thread for an incredible special, one that explores both the history and modernity of the region and that celebrates its incredible natural beauty. Including still and live action, the film will start at Kingsport and move alongside John as he retraces the pioneering river journey that brought about the opening of the Tennessee Valley.

The documentary will in part elucidate the history of the region, using stories handed down through generations to capture the journey of faith and survival that Donelson and his party undertook. As John passes through urban centers and intricate lock systems, the film will also reveal the explosive growth and prosperity that have characterized the region since its recovery from the Great Depression. Using photographs and art to juxtapose and connect the current landscape to the frontier wilderness that Donelson would have encountered, the film will also utilize interviews with relevant authorities — civil engineers, historians, environmental experts and political leaders — to further educate the public about the vital role the rivers have played throughout the development of the region and the role they continue to play in our daily life.

While paying tribute to the impressive progress in the region, John will also capture its enduring natural splendor and the spiritual rest that the riverways bring to the local people. His photographs are breathtaking and give testament to the abiding beauty in the region amidst its explosive growth over the last century.

We are delighted that a public television station has enthusiastically agreed to partner with us in the production and distribution of this  documentary. Now, we are asking for your financial support. Due to the uniqueness of this historic project, the documentary has been proposed and budgeted in the amount of $200,000, in addition to an interactive website, book and book tour, and traveling museum exhibit.

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